Curriculum Vitae

Self-Employed Freelance Software Engineer | Full Stack | Front & Back Experienced (20 years) | Seeking remote work job opportunity

Cover Letter

I am a software engineer based in Seoul, South Korea, holding M.S. degrees in both Computer Science and Business Administration. With extensive experience in various programming languages and frameworks for software application development, I am confident that I will be a valuable asset to any organization.

I thrive on challenges and enjoy working on projects that push me beyond my comfort zone and knowledge base. Continually learning new languages and development techniques is important to me, as it contributes to both my personal growth and the success of my organization.

My interests lie in data mining and machine learning.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or comments. You can reach me at contact (at) mrlatte (dot) net. I read everything sent to those addresses. Thank you.

M.S. in Computer Science MBA Software Engineer Artificial intelligence Big data Blockchain Mobile Android Web iOS Back-end Front-end Full Stack

Qualification Summary

  • Highly skilled in designing, developing and testing software.
  • Thorough understanding of data structures and algorithms.
  • Knowledgeable of front-end and back-end development best practices.
  • Much software troubleshooting experience.
  • Much experience from design to launch software.
  • Much experience developing with many languages and frameworks.
  • Developed software for over 10 million users.

Personal Identification

Education and Training

  • March, 2019 - August, 2020 B.S. degree in Department of Social Welfare, Examination for Self-Education
  • March, 2012 - August 2015 M.A. degree in Department of Business Administration, Korea National Open University
  • March, 2009 - August 2011 M.S. degree in Department of Computer Science, The Graduate School of Information, Chung-Ang University
  • March, 1999 - February 2008 B.S. degree in Department of Computer Software, Gachon University (Kyungwon University)

Work Experiences

  • October 18, 2016 - August 16, 2021 Freelance Software Engineer

    As a full-stack freelance developer, I develop mobile clients, servers and web applications. Are you looking for a software engineer? Please contact me.

  • August 3, 2015 - December 28, 2016 Eazler. Software Engineer, Exclutive member

    Eazler is a startup software company based in South Korea that specializes in developing business messaging and video technologies. We have built mobile and web applications utilizing our cutting-edge technologies, and have established a strong reputation in the market. Our mobile messenger has been recognized and adopted by various government agencies overseas, which is a testament to its quality and reliability.

  • February 17, 2003 - June 12, 2015 Division of S/W, ESTsoft. Software Engineer, Lead Programmer

    Since its inception in 1993, ESTsoft has been acknowledged as an inno-vation leader in software industry. ESTsoft pours every bit of effort to enhance the life quality through software innovation. Providing essential software products as in ALTools and InternetDISK, we are very responsive to meet custom needs. More than 90% of the PC users in South Korea are using our product, ALToos. groups of our business software product, InternetDISK. CABAL Online, an MMORPG, have gained excellent reputations in the US, Europe and Asia as well as in South Korea. For our global presence, we’re currenty working on ESTsoft America After establishment of ESTsoft Japan in 2007. ESTsoft was enlisted in KOSDAQ on July, 2008.

  • January 20, 2001 - February 14, 2002 Division of System Integration, Media SI Team, Comcast. Software Engineer

    Comcast is an Internet broadcasting service company based in South Korea. I created an Internet broadcasting solution for Windows and a web application for Internet broadcasting. I also created an inventory management solution for warehousing and a barcode application for Windows CE.




  • Anomaly Detection based on Compression Data using Clustering Algorithm

    Jong-Ha Ahn. M.S. Thesis, Depart. of Computer Science, The Graduate School of Information, Chung-Ang Univ., 2011.

Korean Articles


  • 창업학

    디지털 콘텐츠 대여 커피전문점 창업 계획 사례(사업계획서):337-358, 2013년 2월;박춘엽.

    보명Books, ISBN 978-89-6366-072-1




With commercial projects experience. (Alphabetical order)



  • 사회복지사 2급, 보건복지부
  • 정보처리기사, 한국산업인력공단
  • 사무자동화산업기사, 한국산업인력공단
  • 리눅스마스터 1급, 한국정보통신산업협회
  • 정보기기운용기능사, 한국산업인력공단
  • 웹디자인 기능사, 한국산업인력공단
  • 워드프로세서 1급, 대한상공회의소
  • 컴퓨터 활용능력 1급, 대한상공회의소
  • 전자상거래관리사 2급, 대한상공회의소
  • MCAS Master, Microsoft
  • GTQ 1급, 한국생산성본부
  • 유비쿼터스지식능력, 한국 RFID USN협회
  • 인터넷 정보관리사 전문가, 한국정보통신산업협회

Completion of Courses

  • 이더리움 기반 스마트 컨트랙트 개발 과정 (1차), 한국인터넷진흥원, February 22, 2018 - February 28, 2005 (40 hours)
  • Biblical Financial Study, 크라운제정사역, May 3, 2015 (10 weeks)
  • 리더십 스킬과 테크닉, 한국능률협회, March 5, 2012 - March 7, 2012 (20 hours)
  • MS Core 마케팅, 삼성SDS 멀티캠퍼스, October 1, 2007 - October 31, 2007
  • e-MBA 전략경영(ver.2.0), 삼성SDS 멀티캠퍼스, September 1, 2007 - September 30, 2007
  • 관리자능력향상(EMC), 한국생산성본부, September 12, 2005 - September 14, 2005 (20 hours)


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