Wegen is a cryptograph wallet based on a block chain system. It includes the activation function using 3D security label made with ultra-thin nano process.

If you scan the QR code of the G-Mov attached to the purchased product with the Wesen Scan app, you can redeem the coin for a certain amount, and the rewarded coin can be traded on the exchange where the WGC coin is listed.

‘G-MOV’ is a 3D security label made of ultra-thin nano process that can realize the world’s first 3D morphing animation with excellent security and easy readability. It is applied to various products such as luxury goods, cosmetics, alcohol, medicine, automobile parts, clothing and accessories .

G-Mov and QR code created by the world’s first non-reproducible 3D morphing animation technique is the best solution to protect the company’s assets from counterfeiting and piracy. G-QR uses the No pattern key of 40 digits, Which makes it impossible to guess.