01 Dec 2019 is a football coaching brokerage platform.Anyone can get coaching from a famous coach through uploaded video.Anyone with coaching skills can sell their products, and players can get coaching from famous coaches online.I did all the planning, design and development for the brokerage platform for this project, I learned...

Material Style Loader for the Web

30 May 2018

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01 Mar 2018

UUNIO is a blockchain-based Social Media Contents Market Place platform with an actual reward system. Users are remunerated for the entirety of the value that they create inside UUNIO.UUNIO is created for the decentralisation of information and equitable redistribution of value created by user contents.


MeBuy MeBuy MeBuy
01 Jul 2017

An Android application that curates PPL videos for real purchasing. Implemented hybrid application technology, video and content management technology.While I’m working on this project, I understood the industry-wide trends related to PPL and video commerce.

Sleek Project

Sleek Project Sleek Project Sleek Project
01 Mar 2017

This is a mobile app and a web project. The web application allows the user to select, schedule and pay for fitness programs. The mobile app application is an O2O service. The app can connect with users and trainers.