Chago Chago Chago Chago Chago Chago
01 Apr 2020

This app is a quote comparison service when purchasing a new car.I applied Adbrix1 and Facebook SDK2 to this project and worked on optimizing the app.References ↩ ↩


Dimeclub Dimeclub
01 Feb 2020

Maintenance works for dating app. It’s an app currently used by over a million people. This app includes real-time chat and recommendation features.I developed for the latest os, bug fixes, app updates and optimizations.


Sweetco Sweetco Sweetco Sweetco
01 Dec 2019

Rental car price comparison web application and mobile app.Stabilization and upgrade works. Bulk push feature upgrades and many service bug fixes.I developed for the latest os, bug fixes, app updates and optimizations.I was able to understand the whole used car brokerage business through this project.


01 Jun 2019

Apps that could host the application on a web-based with native code from Android(Java) and iOS(Swift and Objective-C), and registered it in the Google Play and Appstore.While I’m working on this project, I was able to better understand establish the procedures for iOS Appstore registration. I was able to speed...