Oilnow Oilnow Oilnow Oilnow Oilnow Oilnow Oilnow
01 Oct 2020

Based on Big Data Analysis and Algorithm Application, the app automatically recommends the closest and cheapest gas station near my location. This app helps you save on fuel costs by analyzing oiling patterns.While I’m working on this project, I understood the technology to recognize the direction through the coordinates, the...

Oilnow owner

Oilnow owner Oilnow owner Oilnow owner
01 Oct 2020

This app can be used as a push notification to see price changes at nearby gas stations.The app is available for weekly price trend in the list.While developing this app, I knew how to focus quickly. And I was able to test my maximum performance.

퍼지 이론을 활용한 주유소 추천 방법

29 Dec 2019

퍼지 이론 이란?퍼지 논리(Fuzzy logic) 혹은 퍼지 이론(Fuzzy theory) 이라 불리는 것으로 행동 또는 현상이 확실하지 않은 상태, 즉, 불확실한 상태를 표현하는 방법을 말한다.이는 1965년 미국 버클리 대학의 L.A. Zadeh 교수가 Fuzzy Set이라는 논문에서 발표한 방법이다[1].기존 논리에서는 확실한 것들은 즉, 참 또는 거짓 두 가지로만 구분 할 수 있었는데,퍼지 이론에서는...