29 Jan 2018

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Aston KYC & Management pages

Aston KYC & Management pages Aston KYC & Management pages
01 Nov 2017

This is a website that supports cryptocurrency investments related to ICO (Initial Coin Offering). KYC (Know Your Customer), user wallet address authentication etc included.While I’m working on this project, I understood the overall understanding of the cryptographic industry and the KYC process.

Fresh Gourmet

Fresh Gourmet Fresh Gourmet
01 Oct 2017

Fresh Gourmet is a company that cooks and sells lunch boxes. This is a web page that sells lunchboxes online as they expand their offline business online.While I’m working on this project, I deeply understood web publishing technology and SEO technology.

Modify the Groupware in intranet for the mobile environment

Modify the Groupware in intranet for the mobile environment
01 Oct 2016

Porting legacy groupware to mobile environment. The groupware for KCC group with over 4,800 employees.기존 그룹웨어를 모바일 환경에 맞게 변환 작업. 전사 직원 대상으로 사용.

Common forum system for mobile applications

01 Feb 2014

Implemented in PHP, AngularJS, C# and JavaScript an Application which performs Bulletin board system for Mobile application. The project was included as a hybrid mobile app. I shipped this product to over 5,000,000 customers in Republic of Korea.모바일 제품에 적용하는 공용서비스 개발. 업데이트 알림, 제품 상황에 맞는 광고, 모바일 웹,...

Redmine Sticky Messages plugin

01 Dec 2013

Implemented in Ruby a plugin for whole over 100 employees.내부 Redmine에 적용할 공지 사항 Plugin 개발. 본부 내 공용 Redmine에 적용하여 현재 100명 이상의 직원이 사용 중.

Mobile advertise and statistics system

01 Oct 2013

Implemented in PHP, C#, JavaScript and Hadoop an Application which analytics to measure applications and advertisement data to gain business insights. Lead engineer on this product.모바일 광고 및 통계 시스템, 모바일 제품에 포함되어 업데이트 알림, 광고, 통계 등을 위한 플랫폼 개발. 서버(PHP), 관리툴(ASP.NET, C#) 개발, 하둡(Hadoop)을 이용한 통계 분석 기능...

Cloud storage service; ALCloud

Cloud storage service; ALCloud Cloud storage service; ALCloud Cloud storage service; ALCloud Cloud storage service; ALCloud
01 Jan 2013

Implemented in Java an Application which unifies storage from multiple Cloud Services or Social Networking Services. Lead engineer on this product.클라우드 스토리지 서비스와 SNS 서비스를 하나의 스토리지처럼 사용할 수 있게하는 서비스. 사업 의사결정으로 출시하지는 못했지만 클라우드 서비스 개발에 새로운 경험 확보.

Infra service for ALTools

01 Aug 2010

Implemented in C#, PHP and Python a Application. Developed and managed updates for products that banners, advertisements system for applications with over 10 million users. Lead engineer on this product.업데이트, 배너, 광고, 가사서버 등 개발 및 관리. 회사에서 운영되고 있는 거의 대부분의 웹 애플리케이션 개발. 회사 내 모든 서비스를 파악하는...


BizHard BizHard BizHard
01 Aug 2008

Cloud storage and business environment service. Implemented in C#, C++, Java, Python and many other languages an Application which performs a cloud storage service, mail hosting, messenger, forum and mobile for iOS and Android. Lead engineer on this product.기업용 웹하드 서비스로 웹 메일, 메신저, 게시판, 모바일(아이폰, 안드로이드)의 기능을 개발. 단일...

Human resource management system

01 Aug 2007

Implemented in C# an Application which performs HRM (Human resource management) and electronic approval system used by over 300 employees for the company.전사적으로 사용하고 있는 인사시스템, 출근부, 전자결재, 평가시스템을 개발. 현재 300명 이상의 직원이 사용하는 인트라넷 시스템의 기반.