Megapatrol Management System
01 Dec 2017

RF Card management system development. (Windows Application). MegaPatrol is management device which can supervise human’s activities especially for security guards to check whether they fulfill the patrolling work according to certain plan and rules. It’s easy and effective to control and track security guards’ activities.

Common forum system for mobile applications
01 Feb 2014

Implemented in PHP, AngularJS, C# and JavaScript an Application which performs Bulletin board system for Mobile application. The project was included as a hybrid mobile app. I shipped this product to over 5,000,000 customers in Republic of Korea.

Automated statistics tools
01 Nov 2013

Implemented in Selenium an Application with collects statistical data from the web automatically. Made this Application to reduce over 8 working hours a month to collecting statistics.

Mobile advertise and statistics system
01 Oct 2013

Implemented in PHP, C#, JavaScript and Hadoop an Application which analytics to measure applications and advertisement data to gain business insights. Lead engineer on this product.

Infra service for ALTools
01 Aug 2010

Implemented in C#, PHP and Python a Application. Developed and managed updates for products that banners, advertisements system for applications with over 10 million users. Lead engineer on this product.

Human resource management system
01 Aug 2007

Implemented in C# an Application which performs HRM (Human resource management) and electronic approval system used by over 300 employees for the company.

Web application for game; Cabal Online
01 Jun 2005

Implemented in C# an Application which performs Member, Payment, Community and Forum services for Game. Lead engineer on this product.

Content provider site for DRM Service; ALX
01 Apr 2005

Implemented in C# an Application which performs DRM(Digital rights management), Payment and Member services development. Lead engineer on this product.

Online storage service; IDisk
01 Feb 2003

Web application development and data modeling for online storage solution. This service was provided by major portal of the Republic of Korea.

Web services for internet broadcasting
01 Jan 2002

Web application development for internet broadcasting system. Deployed in many public institutions in the Republic of Korea.

Personal live internet broadcasting system; MyPandora
01 Jan 2002

Development for private broadcasting solution. Implemented in MFC an Application which performs live video or audio streaming.