Wegen Scan
01 Apr 2019

Wegen is a cryptograph wallet based on a block chain system. It includes the activation function using 3D security label made with ultra-thin nano process.

01 May 2018

CLET is a powerful cryptocurrency wallet and an easy ICO platform. Blind investment for token sales and ICO is coming to an end. Now you can raise profit with judgements and investments based on practical information. It is important for ICO projects to attract new investors. Entry barriers for the new investors should be lowered to encourage investments. Join a community that provides reliable information and easy participation of ICO investment, at CLET!

01 Mar 2018

Developing a dating app that open patterns that users have given scores.

01 Mar 2018

FastOrder is an online order service using a smartphone. It also supports application for tablets that can be used in stores. This service can manage customers more efficiently without significantly changing existing store ordering system. I participated in ideation of service, service planning, design concepts, and prototyping. I have experienced while developing the services of the design planning services and business models.

01 Dec 2017

Based on Big Data Analysis and Algorithm Application, the app automatically recommends the closest and cheapest gas station near my location. This app helps you save on fuel costs by analyzing oiling patterns.

01 Nov 2017

It is a personal broadcasting service that supports live streaming. It is implemented as Android native using Kotlin. I have experienced with live streaming back-end building and protocol integration through this service.

Ready U
01 Sep 2017

An Android application that connects with people going to ski resorts. This app includes matching people, chatting, bulletin boards, and skiing skills.

01 Sep 2017

CashFeed is a mobile flyer service that analyzes user patterns based on your location and recommends nearby stores. This app allows users to redeem points when they see the ad. The user can accumulate points and exchange them for goods.

01 Jul 2017

An Android application that curates PPL videos for real purchasing. Implemented hybrid application technology, video and content management technology.

01 Jun 2017

An Android application to meet new people, invite friends and chat. In particular, this app can only be signed by employees of a certified company.

Sleek Project
01 Mar 2017

This is a mobile app and a web project. The web application allows the user to select, schedule and pay for fitness programs. The mobile app application is an O2O service. The app can connect with users and trainers.

OTT(Over The Top) Service; Mug
01 Feb 2017

This app is an Android application that watches movies and TV. This app can be viewed or streamed online. The app implemented location aware technology using Wifi and multi-format streaming video playback technology.