Moongkl Works
Moongkl Works Moongkl Works
01 Jun 2019

This is markup and publishing for the building homepage.While I’m working on this project, I understood use of S3 in AWS. Also, I understood the latest image compression, web content compression optimization and social media optimization.

Material Style Loader for the Web
30 May 2018

ProblemMaterial Style Loader for the WebSolution400: Invalid request

Chuze Chuze Chuze
01 Jul 2017

This service is predicts and recommends clothes that fit well with your physical information before purchasing clothes. The service basically recommends the optimal size of clothes for small and medium-sized brands based on large-sized clothes that fit well.While I’m working on this project, I understood clothes recommendation algorithms and clothing...

Sleek Project
Sleek Project Sleek Project Sleek Project
01 Mar 2017

This is a mobile app and a web project. The web application allows the user to select, schedule and pay for fitness programs. The mobile app application is an O2O service. The app can connect with users and trainers.

Sales Management System
01 Feb 2017

A Web application based Java that manage sales, and order within the company. The service included an algorithm for calculating the sales priority.

Redmine Sticky Messages plugin
01 Dec 2013

Implemented in Ruby a plugin for whole over 100 employees.내부 Redmine에 적용할 공지 사항 Plugin 개발. 본부 내 공용 Redmine에 적용하여 현재 100명 이상의 직원이 사용 중.

Mobile advertise and statistics system
01 Oct 2013

Implemented in PHP, C#, JavaScript and Hadoop an Application which analytics to measure applications and advertisement data to gain business insights. Lead engineer on this product.모바일 광고 및 통계 시스템, 모바일 제품에 포함되어 업데이트 알림, 광고, 통계 등을 위한 플랫폼 개발. 서버(PHP), 관리툴(ASP.NET, C#) 개발, 하둡(Hadoop)을 이용한 통계 분석 기능...