iOS 13에서 푸시토큰 확인 방법
31 Oct 2019

iOS 13에서 푸시토큰이 iOS 13 이하 버전에서와 다르게 확인되는 경우가 있어서 해결 방법을 공유한다.

App Store Connect '라우팅 앱 적용 범위 파일이 잘못되었습니다' 오류 해결방법
30 Oct 2019

App Store Connect에 앱 스크린샷 등록시 '잘못된 GeoJSON' 관련 오류 해결방법

01 Mar 2019

Apps that could host the application on a web-based with native code from Android(Java) and iOS(Objective-C), and registered it in the Google Play and Appstore. While I’m working on this project, I was able to better understand and establish the procedures for iOS Appstore registration. I was able to speed up the store registration process.