Material Style Loader for the Web
30 May 2018

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Fresh Gourmet
Fresh Gourmet Fresh Gourmet
01 Oct 2017

Fresh Gourmet is a company that cooks and sells lunch boxes. This is a web page that sells lunchboxes online as they expand their offline business online.While I’m working on this project, I deeply understood web publishing technology and SEO technology.

Chuze Chuze Chuze
01 Jul 2017

This service is predicts and recommends clothes that fit well with your physical information before purchasing clothes. The service basically recommends the optimal size of clothes for small and medium-sized brands based on large-sized clothes that fit well.While I’m working on this project, I understood clothes recommendation algorithms and clothing...

Sales Management System
01 Feb 2017

A Web application based Java that manage sales, and order within the company. The service included an algorithm for calculating the sales priority.